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‘Self-care’ became the holistic buzz word of 2019, and whether you’re a firm believer in the self-love movement or roll your eyes at the mention of another bizarre wellness trend, there’s no denying that we could all benefit from some designated me-time. The term ‘wellness’ has come to hold a variety of meanings – from good physical health, to psychological wellbeing. However, in recent years ‘beauty’ has become synonymous with the self-care movement, and some critics have described self-care as simply another method of selling health and beauty products to the general public.

For those of you already practicing self-care, you’ll know that this is a harsh, sceptical and generally inaccurate representation of what self-care is. Yes, self-care does often centre around beauty and beauty products/treatments, but it is not the pursuit of beauty in a traditional sense. Self-care is not about drastically altering your appearance or following the latest fad diet in pursuit of ‘perfection.’ Self-care means caring for your body and mind, as you would do for someone you genuinely care for.

Think of how you behave towards your children, your partner, or even your pet. It’s likely that you give them the utmost care and attention, tending to their physical and psychological needs without a second thought – but do you treat yourself with the same regard? A 2017 study found that when a patient is prescribed a medication, only 50% of them will successfully submit, collect and correctly administer the full course of treatment. However, when a pet was prescribed a medication, this percentage drastically increased to almost 90%. This speaks volumes for how we care for ourselves, in comparison to others.

2019 was the year we broke this habit and set aside some quality time to care for number one, now its 2020 we need to carry this on. In a busy, bustling world full of pressures and stresses, failing to find some much-needed you-time could leave you feeling burnt out, drained and exhausted. Self-care can be whatever you need it to be – it’s all about what makes YOU feel good. But, if you’re new to the self-love movement, or struggling to find some new ways to show yourself you care, Cloud9 is here to help you pursue the rejuvenating replenishment you need

It’s your biggest organ and covers every inch of your body, but it is so often neglected! Show your skin some love!

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